Standard Carpet Clean

Suitable for vacant rentals and commercial properties


Inspect the area to be cleaned to assess and determine problem areas, move furniture and other items, so that maximum area of carpet can be reached and cleaned.

Hot Pre-Spray

Hot water will increase the efficiency of the cleaning agents aiding in breaking down soils faster. Hot water will dry quicker.

Rotary Shampoo

Mechanical agitation helps distribute the cleaning agents thoroughly and deeper into the carpet pile, lifts matted fibres and assists in soil separation.

Hot water extraction (Steam Cleaning)

Once soils have been loosened from the fibre and suspended in the cleaning agents, it needs to be extracted. Hot water extraction will not only rinse the suspended dirt and grime and extract it away, but also remove dust mite and their faeces, that can cause allergic reactions. During the rinsing phase, a conditioner is added to leave your carpet feeling softer for longer.

Speciality treat stains where needed

After the cleaning and steam cleaning phases, the carpet is once again inspected for stubborn stains and their removal.


Your carpet will be smelling fresh and clean with an impressive finish and odour.

100% delight guarantee

The only money back guarantee in the business. You cannot lose by using our services and we are supremely confident you will be 100% delighted too.










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