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Low Moisture Carpet Clean (Encapsulation)

No more wet carpets - dry enough to walk on

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning is known as a very low moisture cleaning system (VLM). The process uses new technology and improved cleaning chemicals. Polymers in the detergent trap and surround dirt particles and detergent residue which crystallise as they dry, and are simply removed by subsequent dry vacuuming. As no sticky detergent residue is left to attract dirt, carpets remain clean longer.

Esteems low moisture carpet cleaning method means that you can walk on your carpets immediately. We do not leave the carpets wet with wastewater that can lead to mould growth and cause health problems. In fact Esteems Low Moisture Carpet Clean helps remove 97% of mould and mildew from carpets as well as helping prevent future growth of mould and fungal spores. Esteems low moisture carpet cleaning method holds and controls the cleaning liquids so dissolved dirt does not run into the carpet backing. This carpet cleaning process will increase the life of your carpet.

The essential steps 

  1. Dry vacuum with a quality commercial upright machine. Approximately 85% of soil in carpets is dry soil that can be removed by initial vacuuming. Vacuuming also prevents this dry soil from turning to mud when moistened.

  2. A quality encapsulation detergent is applied and massaged into the carpet by a quality machine. The remaining 15% (approx) of soil, adhering to the carpet fibres, is encapsulated in this process.

  3. Carpet is groomed to remove swirl marks left by some machines. Some clients prefer leaving the swirl marks as they can make the carpet look “cleaned”.

  4. Dry vacuum will remove the encapsulated dirt and residues. This is best completed 24 hours after the clean to enable the polymers to crystallise.

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